Competitive League Recruitment


I was wondering if I could draw any interest to create a money league on MLB the Show. I'm in two in Madden and it is a ton of fun. The settings would have pitching and hitting on Hall of Fame, 3 game series vs each other team in the league, and everything else would be normal. It would be run on GroupMe, a very low buy-in like $20, and would be MLB Rosters. I want to try and get this league created. In addition, prizes with a $20 buy in would probably look something like this (obviously not set in stone).

WS Winner: $200

WS Loser: $100

CS Losers: $50 each ( $100 total)

DS Losers: $30 each ($120 total)

Best Avg by Individual Player Min 50 GP: $20

Most HR's by Individual Player: $20

Lowest ERA by Individual Pitcher Minimum 50 IP: $20

Best Team Record: $20

The teams that are taken are the Phillies, Rangers, Reds, Braves, Dodgers, Yankees, Mets, and Astros.

message me on ps4 at OfficialRyan_ or comment if you are interested


Hey wondering if your still doing any league. I am willing to join.