The first time i played the first mission was dont allow a run in top of first inning then bottom of first inning record 2 hits before getting an out. I failed that mission after lining out with my leadoff hiter. The next mini mission was joe carter win the game and the graphics like the scoreboard and inning were normal. I ended up losing to bob feller in final boss. The second attempt again first mini mission was the same but I flew out with my leadoff batter. It ended up continuing this time it said dont record 2 outs instead of won. My 2nd and 3rd batters got hits so i won the mission but in the end where u see all the green check ✔ it said dont make 3 outs lol. Next joe carter mission the graphics changed it was all blue and white lol. Are SDS releasing these and still fixing bugs on the fly? Cause sure as hell seems like it lol.