MTO is fun. Has more potential


It’s all I’ve been playing while waiting to see what Online is this year.

Ideas for making it even better:

1 - Full games - Full season - Full postseason
This would be the ultimate grind for offline players. To make this worth doing the rewards would have to be good. Could possibly tie the TA into it or something similar.

For example: At the half way point you get X card. At the end of the season you get X card. Win the WS...get X card. The OVR of these specific cards would vary depending on the difficulty you choose to play the season.

2 - Player boosts - This is a fun little addition thrown into the current setup. My idea is to give boosts, or even nerfs, after each game of the season.

For example: I’m playing as the Braves and I’m having a great season with Acuña. By the postseason he (me) have had an awesome run and his boosted stats reflect that. Feeling/playing good going into the postseason. You could even have it setup to where we get to choose at the beginning one player in which would receive boosts along the way. Or two players...whatever.

3 - Stat missions - Have a pre determined list of “objectives” to work towards along the way. This could be as crazy as the Immortal objectives if you want. Always having something to work towards is fun to me.

Rewards can be achieved as you complete these objectives.


I've finished MTO seasons with both the Yankees and Astros in order to get FOTF cards through TA points. I think it's a fun mode and feels like less of a grind than repeatedly trying Showdown or spending stubs on collections for TA points.