Looking for pitching advice.


Got some from advice from thizzly. Appreciate that. Looking for some more.

Analog - As I have stated in previous posts, every pitch is either down the middle or a foot outside. Never struggled this bad with analog as has been my primary pitching method since early 17.

Meter - Tried this and even the times I hit my mark it went nowhere close. If I missed it was almost always right over the middle.

Pulse - Just tried this for the first time ever. Ton of perfect pulse pitches and not one pitch went where my marker was. I would have walked the guy a ton if he would have been patient even though the input was perfect. Less balls down the middle though.


This was worth a watch. "Play the misses"


So just played another game with pulse. Won the game but at one point threw 8 straight pitches on pulse that I started in the zone, hit good and all 8 were balls. I walked the bases loaded on 12 pitches that I started in the zone and hit 10 perfect with pulse. 2 pitches I was late on but not one ball that game went where I threw it.

Also tried Thizzly's method and Chapman was tired after 1 batter. 1 batter, really????