“Lost connection to opponent”


Not sure where else to turn so I figured I might ask here.

All of the sudden, starting yesterday and into today, I am unable to play online games. All my online services work fine. WiFi and internet are up and running. I can access Diamond Dynasty and the Show Shop. However when I play a Ranked Seasons game or an Events game, the game loads and the second the pregame ends and first pitch is about to start I get a “lost connection to opponent” and I get the L.

I tried MLB the show 19, same result.

I played EA sports NHL 20 just to see if it was my connection or a firewall. Online play worked fine.

Everything was working great for 3 weeks (had the game since March 13) until yesterday.

Sent support an email but they said it could be up to 5 days for a response.

Any advice/ideas?


Not sure. I've had the same issues, but I know for sure it's my internet slowing to a crawl, probably due to network congestion, since I've never had this issue before the last couple weeks.