I've been hooked on Diamond Dynasty for the last few years. While 2018 was a letdown, 2019's Diamond Dynasty got my addicted! This year same thing so far. A few things I've noticed over the last 2 years that I wanted to reflect on and share. Maybe you feel the same way...

  1. I've come to appreciate and learn a lot about the history of ALL major league teams through being given missions that allow us to play with players of all franchise PAST and PRESENT.

  2. I've learned a lot about all the young talent in the game today, breaking into the majors or top prospects. Now when I listen to MLB Radio on XM and they talk about all these various players, I can now make a connection with who they are.

  3. My wife and I have traveled to 17 of the 30 ballparks so far (everywhere east of the Mississippi). I have hats for all those ballparks / teams and enjoy wearing them all with pride (except the Red Sox...lol).

To summarize, DD has given me an even deeper appreciation for baseball, not just my favorite team, the Yankees.

Anyone else feel this way about DD?