Replacement for moments/potm


Yes Amir Garrett Is getting a "moments" card but that's a short term fix for a long term problem they may have producing cards this year that they had last year.

I think like an underrated players series of cards would be fun call it something cooler like "gems" or something idfk for random underrated players like an Aaron bummer, Bryan Reynolds, Jorge Polanco, danny Santana idk

Interested in y'alls ideas since there's nothing else going on


Really all they can do is release more flashback cards to keep people interested and add more diamonds, or release more legends earlier than usual. Otherwise the game is going to go stale fast.


They should do signature cards up to a certain number say 95-96 then release prime 99 overall cards later. They have to put something out or the game will go stale for a lot of people.

Obviously the sweats will still go hard on there