I've seen a lot, but not this...New Bug?


Ok, another one of those games where AI just has to make sure to keep it close. I'm up a run off of a 2-run shot.

Very next inning. I get 1 quick strike-out because my opponent is just flailing away. Likely not his fault, just the way the AI was presenting the pitches to him. I get it, been on the other end of that 8-ball many times. But, here is where it really starts to go South. He gets a guy on base because Baez muffs a grounder.

Errors happen. I get it, but in MLB the Show it's almost always a red-flag that despite your most valiant efforts the AI is gonna make sure you give up a run. So, Tommy Pham is on 1st. Not the slowest, but not the fastest. I'm watching him close..he's not taking a lead. Throw a couple pitches up, 2nd a fast ball high. I hear the "runner going" blare. Amaya instantly comes up throwing, but Pham is already on 2nd (teleporter maybe).

NOW, this is the REALLY bizarre part. Next batter I strike out with one in the dirt. Ball gets loose he starts running down to first. At the same time I get the "running going" signal..Pham is stealing third (Perhaps this is part of the BUG). Catcher goes to 1st to throw out the strikeout victim. The meter is not the normal fielding meter you get when a batter strikes out and you need to easily thrown him out. I got the freaking base-stealer meter. The easy out at 1st was taken away. Why?

Because AI decides it's time to bring some excitement to the game time and tie it up. Of course, the next guy hits a pitch 2 foot above his head deep enough to score Pham. I quit at that point and am not too sure I'm playing RS for a long while. It's in pretty sad shape right now.


I don’t see anything wrong about what happened because....iT HaPPeNS iN rEAl bASeBaLl.