Theme teams


I know theme teams aren’t as prevalent in this game as in madden, but does anybody else use a theme team? Usually once I get to World Series I play with a Yankees team.

My team right now:
Catcher: 87 Gary
1b: 92 giambi
2b: CAP soriano
3b: 86 Sheffield
Ss: 88 gleyber
Lf: 88 judge
Cf: 86 mantle
Rf: 99 Reggie

Rotations: Cole, severino, Paxton, Burnett, sonny
Bullpen: wood, Miller, kahnle, ottavino, Yates, Chapman, Rivera

I’m only 3 collections away from getting Sheffield and mantle so super excited about that. Share your theme team too


I have a Giants team for low level CPU games but it's mostly bronze and silvers at the moment 😢

I'm on the road to 99 Posey though and I imagine a diamond Panda, Pence, [censored], and Romo are inevitable.

EDIT: Haha they censored: B U M