A rough guide to who you face/situations for the NL West Showdown...havent seen it posted before, so I figured this may help:

1st Set
-Pitch 1 scoreless inning with your #1 SP, including 1 K
-Face off against John Gray (RHP) - hit 2 HR in the first 3 innings
-Face off against Jeff Samardzija (RHP) - get 3 H and 2 R, in the 1st inning
-Boss: Kirby Yates, down 2-0, with 12 outs

2nd Set
-Face off against Chris Paddack (RHP) - get 3 R in the first 3 innings, without allowing 1 R (starting with your #1 SP)
-Face off against Robbie Ray (LHP)- get 3 H, 1 HR, do not strikeout, in the first 3 innings
-Face off against Clayton Kershaw (LHP) - get 3 H, 1 XBH, 2 R, in the first 3 innings
-Boss: Madison Bumgarner, down 3-0 with 10 outs

3rd Set
-Pitch against the Rockies, 3 K, 0 HR, in 2 innings, starting with your #1 SP
-Play against the Dodgers, start in the top of the 8th up 2-1, get the W without allowing a R (you start the inning with your #5 hitter up)
-Play against NL West All-Stars, get the W - tied in the 8th - start with your #1 hitter at bad against Kenley Jansen (RHP)
-Boss: Walker Buehler, 20 outs

I am also compiling posts to other Division Guides: