Andrew Will Strike You Out


AL West Showdown Mini Mission. Hut 1 HR and score 3 R before you strile out 3 times. 3 INN game.

No matter the score, after the top of the 3rd, if you don't have the 3 Rubs, you didn't complete it.

So why in the blue hell, if we don't score the 3 runs, do we have to pitch? Diesnt matter if you gave 2 runs and the CPU ties you, Mission ends and you failed.

So why are we pitching? Can't it be 'fixed' hat it auto ends?

Why do I have to either quit or get the CPU out 3 times?

Wait, you're saying I can just have the CPU score more runs than I have and the game will end?

NOPE! I just sat here forv10 mins beaming the hell out if the CPU players

When I finally decided to quit out the game, the score was 93 to 2!


If you miss it before the bottom of the 3rd, you can just quit as you lose the challenge anyway. It won't mess up anything else on your showdown run.


You did all that and didn’t even think about just quitting out of the mission.


Just quit, it takes 5 button presses in total


Karen's Don't Quit. They cry and moan and ask to speak to the manager about the stupidest little things. Because it gets results!