What does your HOF+ lineup look like?


For those in HOF and above, what does the batting order look like? With vision being important, curious to see if you guys are rolling out some of the FOF cards with lower vision, and how that affects the higher difficulties?

  1. Ty Cobb
  2. CAP Balance Catcher
  3. FoF Rizzo
  4. FoF Correa
  5. FoF Soto
  6. FoF Moncada
  7. Ketel Marte
  8. 89 Mickey Mantle
  9. Pitcher
  1. Minoso
  2. Trout
  3. CAP 3B
  4. Yelich
  5. Fotf Correa
  6. Fotf Olson
  7. Betts
  8. POTM Sanchez
  9. Pitcher

95 Rickey
90 Cargo
99 Larkin
91 Duke Snider
86 Yoan Moncada
91 Helton
87 Joey Bart
92 Edwin Mathews


I rolled out:

😄 Grandal
1B: FotF Olson
2B: FotF Torres
3B: FotF Moncada
SS: FotF Correa
LF: AS granderson
CF: Trout
RF: FotF Gallo

I didn’t have too many issues making it to WS.