We'll, at least they didn't dashboard


First Event game of the new program. My opponent starts MA Sale and pitches in the EXACT SAME LOCATION for my first three batters. Slider low and inside. Can't get ahold of it.

He is a free swinger and even though he gets a double; he is out 1-2-4.

First pitch of the second inning and what does he throw? You guess it. A slider low and inside. But this time I'm waiting in it and Awards Bogaerts crushes it for a homerun.

Next thing: Offering a Friendly Quit. I just lay my controller down and wait for him to either retract his offer or have his timer run out.

He finally retracts his offer and quits the game.

Then comes the messages calling me a 'no life [censored]' and a 'cheater'.

On to Game 2.


Did you report them? Usually you include that detail in these stories.