I’m quite confused... to preface, I haven’t really grinded on programs or played much online in past years like I have started to this year, so maybe I’m just missing something.

My create a player needs online innings, my cubs team affinity needs online innings, etc. So my create a player is starting catcher, and I have 3 cubs on my starting lineup as well.

Played a “casual online” game under extended play and they quit because I was winning. Didn’t get a single inning for either program.

Played an “events” game. As I was about the catch the final out, the player cut off his connection as the ball was about to hit my glove (obviously still counts as a win). Didn’t get a single inning for either program.

The program missions just say “online” and do not specify any specific mode as some other missions like the dailies do. Why are these not counting? Is it mode specific? Is it because my opponents are sore losers and cut off the game/quit before it announced it? (If so, that is a HUGE problem due to toxic players). Or is it a bug that no one has noticed?

Please help me understand