1. Shrink the PCI on all difficulties
  2. Balls outside of the zone hitting penalties %
  3. Fastball easier to located
  4. Make it riskier to throw breaking balls
  5. Make bad timing swings out of the zone more likely a whiff

In the MLB you cannot spam sliders inside on opposite matchup lefty/ righty .. righty / lefty .. this would be a very risky pitch to throw .. In this game this can be done with no risk .. looks like a strike but cuts inside every time without hanging. You are basically guessing.

Would make it way more realistic . This is something in real baseball that would be very dangerous thing to do. You don't want anything breaking into a bat. Some pitchers only
throw their break stuff on the same handness or rarely use it on opposite matchups.

Theres isn't a pitcher in history that can locate break stuff like they are throwing a dart...

A way to do this would be shrink the PCI to make it so fastballs get more weak contact but limit any breaking ball to 80 control max