Stance Socks won’t unequip


I’ve never tried to equip stance socks on my team. I wear custom Uniforms for both Home and Away games. I’ve never equipped them to my CAP. Recently, an old problem popped up again. After purchasing the Jackie $5 bundle, the socks keep appearing on my team. Sometimes half the team will wear them, sometimes everyone. I have done the following:

  1. Team customize equipment, remove equipment
  2. Go to my Ballplayer, remove socks (even though I never equipped them). Have made sure to do this with every slot of my Ballplayer
  3. Uniform creator, change color of socks, then back to intended. This one tends to work most often, but doesn’t last more than a few games.

Varying results for all three, and even if the stance socks arent equipped for a few games, eventually they show up on the squad again. It happens sometimes in between games, and I notice it more frequently when I restart the game or remain idle for a while. It seems like a minor annoyance, but I have spent many hours crafting my Uniforms, only to have random grey socks show up every few games. (xbox series X) Anything you can do would be appreciated. Cheers.

Geoff Humboldt
PewPewGGBud - (Online ID for xbox series X)


You have to wash them before you can put them away. Kidding. Have you tried backing completely out of DD after making said changes as a way to "save" it. Not sure if this will work but worth a shot.


This has been an issue in DD for the last 3-4 years. There’s no fix to my knowledge.