This is for ps5.

Around 2 weeks ago my pci started lagging in batting and also while pp pitching. It wasnt constant but it would chug every 15 seconds for about 4 or 5 seconds. So you can see how annoying it can be. Ive read other people also have this problem and i finally fixed my issue.

The obvious reason it lags is because youre wireless and the bluetooth connection gets interrupted. I had been playing this whole year with a wire so i didnt think it was the problem. I switched controllers, bought new controllers, bought new wires, tried everything EXCEPT the solution.

I guess in the past i had turned off the option that makes it so the wire is used as the communication method between the controller and ps5 when the wire is plugged in. I had that option set as use bluetooth. So even tho i was wired, it was still using my distorted bluetooth connection. This is found in settings > accessories > controllers > communication method. What a good feeling when you can solve that bullshat pci issue. Hopefully this helps even just 1 person.