The Prospects


<Suddenly feeling surrounded in the dugout>

Me: Hi guys. What can I do for?

Prospect Nick Gonzales (speaking for the Prospects): We were wondering when we’ll get another chance to play some games. We helped you get through some early missions and most of us are now P1 but we are not seeing the light of day?

Me: I hear you. I just am so excited to get some of these FOTF and Takashi Okazaki anime players up to P5. Can you imagine Jazz at a P5 level?

<heavenly music fills the dugout>

Prospect Nick Gonzales: That’s fair but we can’t get better if we don’t play.

Me: Tell you what, I promise to get you guys back in as a team build sometime soon.

Prospect Nick Gonzales: By the way, how come Adley Rutchman and Mick Abel are on the fast track to P5? They are prospects too.

Me: Hometown guys: Portland, Oregon.

<Shouts coming from the stands. FOTL Carson Kelly and LS Cooper Hummel appear>

FOTL Carson Kelly: When do we get on the team?

Me: Hopefully soon. Stub poor right now.

<Sad faces from the stands>

Me: Hey Nick. By the way, I almost have you to P3. I’ll try to get you some more games in mini-seasons this week to get you there.

The Prospects Crowd: Wait what??? Nick you are almost P3? Holding out on us?

<I quietly walk away>


Lol, this is great.

BTW, Carson Kelly is my lefty killer I keep on the bench. I'm pretty much trash with all hitters but a little bit less trash when I put him up against FOTF Chapman that everyone has in their bullpen.