This year is a wash for me, I was optimistic like every year but 5 years in a row since 17 and the gameplay is getting more and more for the casuals. I get it, it’s the largest player base and games sales are a priority along with retaining players. With that being said I feel like they’re about to lose or have lost players due to the style of gameplay the last few years. I’m just one consumer but these will be my selling points for next year.

Hitting - Brand new design, long story short. The RNG type swing away and hope for good luck has got to go. There needs to be a rhyme or reason to hitting. It’s completely confusing at this point. Hiding feedback isn’t a fix, it’s a lazy way of calming complaints. I would at minimum start with removing the outer PCI…it’s nothing more than a crutch to stay alive during an AB.

Graphics - Self explanatory. I want to visually see a new game. It’s looked identical since 19 to me.

Custom hitting views online - Self explanatory.

Matching opponents using same interface - I don’t care about the debate that playing a directional hitter is an easy win. It comes down to, I want to know my opponent has to do what I have to do while playing and not using a handicap. Let us see our opponents setup pre match and an accept/decline option.

Revert to 99 as the attributes cap -

CPU - Enough with the Bronze fielding SportsCenter top 10 plays EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. It gives your game a noticeable feeling of being scripted.