Co op Franchise question


Hey all,

My friend and I regularly play MLB the Show in Franchise mode on my X box. The thing is, I live an hour from him, and I so when he has to play his game, he drives to my place, plays his game and leaves.

For convenience, are we able to play online so he doesn't have to drive across the city to play his games? Is it possible to set up a custom franchise where he has a team, I have a team, and the rest of the teams are Computer played? That way, I can log in and play my game and then he can log in and play his? Is that possible? If so, I assume we both need a copy of the game. Is Xbox live gold necessary for both of us? Also, I have an Xbox series X and he has an Xbox series one. Is that an issue?

I don't know much about this stuff so any input would be great.



At first thought you may be able to achieve this with a single Xbox live account and a single franchise file that is synced to server after each of you play your team’s game.

It may only be possible in TS22 to have a shared save across platforms, not sure about 21. I say this because one of the promoted features of 22 is cross platform saves for offline progress. I’m not sure whether you need Xbox live for that to work.

In doing so you should select both teams as user teams when setting up the franchise. You would need to be careful not to sim through the other player’s games before saving. Not sure how difficult that would be.

Playing each other’s team would require you to be in the same place, otherwise work out a method where you alternate or something. Or choose teams that don’t play each other during the regular season. Postseason would necessitate being in the same place.

All of this would require a shared Xbox live account, which has risks. You also would not be able to log on to that account at the same time.

Another thing that might work instead is setting up a custom league. It’s not quite franchise but it’s ok.

I am not an expert in any of this but I believe the above should work (for TS22). If you are both buying the game or subscribing to game pass anyway then it wouldn’t hurt to try it.

Note: I do not know if a game pass subscription on a console enables other accounts on that console to utilise game pass games. Also Microsoft may not allow two people to utilise a single xbox user account. You would need to check both of these for yourself.