Tips for anyone struggling to finish TAs (By not doing Showdown)


So if any of you are like me, you were able to complete the first inning Showdown, but you'd rather bash your head with a brick than to fail the divisional Showdowns over and over again. So here's how I've been doing them, with a breakdown of the points. Granted, this will take a lot longer than doing Showdown, but it's better than not getting the TAs done at all.

March to October - 36 points
So in order for you to get the 36 points, you'll want to play on veteran difficulty and you'll have to do pretty well. As long as you don't completely suck, this should be doable. You'll also have to win the World Series to get all 36 points

Team Innings and Mission - 10 points+
This is pretty simple and straight forward. Just load your DD team up with players from the team you're trying to grind and you should be able to accumulate innings pretty quickly and complete the mission in those games. Just play on rookie and you should crush anything... or not given the current state of hitting.

Team Collection - 10 points
This is completely optional, and I've only done this for teams that aren't more than 10k stubs to complete. It's quicker than grinding out innings and missions, but not necessary

Exchange - 10 points
I don't really recommend doing this, as I find it to be a waste of players that could be locked into collections in the hope that one day I'll somehow collect them all and have Mickey Mantle, but hey, a man can dream.

This is nowhere nearly as quick as just doing Showdown, but for those of you who can't do it and are starting to go insane, this way will give you something to grind towards if you miss MLB 16. All in all, it'll probably take you a few days to a week to get to the FoF reward, but again, that's better than not getting there at all.


Good tips, but I have been hitting the Exchange pretty hard for those sweet sweet 10 points.
No idea if this is smart or stupid, but I look for players with a high Points per Stubs ratio - and buy them on market a few times each and exchange right away to work up to those 50,000 points. Yeah, it costs Stubs so only do it if you have a few to burn through.


I can't even finish the first-inning showdown (although I did get to the final boss for the first time yesterday). I tried the NL West showdown once and got to the final boss before failing (part of my try was pre-patch). I just can't stand bashing my head against the wall doing it that way, so I moved to the MTO path. At least I don't hate myself when I'm done.

I have thought about doing one exchange for each team (that would put me at the 10 mark for every team and unlock those team affinity packs that have the unsellable cards in them). I don't want to finish any collections until I've unlocked all those unsellable cards. I don't want to buy a high-priced silver right now when I might get it in one of those packs and have it only be able to be quick sold.