It does not feel like this game is a week away from releasing. It looks a lot similar to MLBTS 21 (same menu, no new franchise features, probably no new road to the show features). Just seems like the excitement for the new game has lowered this year.

I wish they told us more about DD sooner rather they telling us about it the day before it becomes available.


Exact opposite for me personally. IMO 21 didn’t deliver nearly the same amount of satisfaction as 20 did. Hoping 22 can bounce back.

Don’t get me wrong, I had fun this year but something about 20 was just special.


In terms of gameplay, they haven’t really shown/talked about anything to get excited about. Unless your super excited for PCI anchor.

Content will probably be good but this game is in dire need of a gameplay makeover. Plenty of suggestions/ideas have been made over the years.