I just have a feeling that the last two streams are going to reveal some major legends.

As a fan of each of the legends revealed so far, I can even admit, they don’t “grab your attention” like ones we’ve had in the past.

It makes me think at least one or two Tier A players, so to speak will be announced.

Randy won’t be taken out of the game without some sort of explanation, that would be false advertising for those who purchased at that point. So I’m not including him as one of those reveals.

Feels like a Jeter, DiMaggio, Beltre, or Ichiro type player is imminent.

Before people say anything, I have zero interest in a Jeter card but he has the name. To me he is another Michael Young, and I’d rather just use him lol. Also, I know Beltre and Ichiro have only been gone 2-3 years now. But we shall see.