Has been stale since the game came out. Considering second base is scoring position...stealing a base should be earned. Not a coin flip that the CPU decides on. There were many players I played with that I was faster than but they could steal more bags than me. It was their jump. You cant teach jumps..its instinct and reflexes. Some guys just got it.

You ever hear announcers say he stole that off the pitcher. Meaning the catcher never had a chance.If you get a good enough jump you can steal a base with decent speed.

I feel it should be a timing mechanism. U press the button and he steals. If you jump the gun...he breaks early and he is a sitting duck( I have done this many times and it's the most embarrassing walk back across the infield with your coach waiting for you at the steps)

You have to learn how to be patient how a real baserunner has to wait for the pitcher to break to the plate. It is sometimes just as intense as pitcher vs batter. This is why some pitchers throw over a lot...not just to tire out runner...but some pitchers dont feel comfortable from the stretch and a speed threat at first because one stolen base and a blooper is a run.

Leadoffs...should be standard. Anytime u take more than the lead given.... YOU are responsible for getting back. You want to better your chances of stealing by taking the extra step...YOU need to be responsible for getting back.

People would take less leads..because they have to worry about not getting picked off...and then when pitcher goes to the plate focus on the incoming pitch. That's a lot to handle. So now we dont get every player capable of taking the same lead as a speedster and getting back with ease.

Pay attention to pitchers catchers and big men on base path. There lead is short why? They dont want to influence a throw over. Why? Injury or getting picked off when there not stealing anyways.

Plus they know they dont have the speed to steal...break up a routine double play..and score from first. It's pretty much base to base. When u see Frank Thomas taking extra steps on the show and his humongous frame diving back at ease with cat like reflexes it makes no sense


I agree with everything you said. My only addition would be to have the pitcher’s throw based on their arm accuracy and arm strength. If a player is using button accuracy, then there should be an accuracy meter when throwing to first to prevent a million pickoff attempts. You can’t have a guy spamming pickoffs with Lester when he hasn’t thrown to first in 5 years.

I think pitcher defense should be weighted much more heavily. I also think pitchers with high fielding should be very hard to bunt against. Look at greinke, few people bunt against him because he is so good at fielding those plays. If you bunt on greenie, Maddux, etc, they should be able to get to the ball and make a play. This would be an effective way to combat bunt cheesers.