Cheers to ‘21


When you know you know….and it’s time to call it a day on 21 (besides maybe the few drunk games here and there).

The content this year was absolutely unbelievable. While i was a little iffy on how good they made some of the no names in the TN series and how good they made some of the Milestone cards, I think they did a better job this year of forcing people to think for once and use different lineups. There was far more parity this year than previous, especially late in the cycle.

The gameplay had it flaws, but at the end of the day it’s a video game. Some of you forget that, or just find major satisfaction in crying every single day. They definitely have things they need to work on but I think overall it’s a very well put together game and the graphics are arguably the best around. It’s easy to nitpick and find things when you play as much as some of the members on this forum, but for the casual fan who only puts in maybe a few hours tops a week this is hands down the best sports game on the market. And it’s not even close.

Bravo to all of you guys. If you guys haven’t noticed by now, if I had a WWE character his name would be “troll”. In reality it’s really cool to consistently interact with you guys (and girls), hear feedback about the game, hear little tips and tricks etc etc. Sure as hell helps the day go by quicker when things are slow in the office, plus it always gives me a little giggle to see how worked up some of you get when told to “stop crying” or “get better” 😉 😉 😉

I appreciate you all. Looking forward to 22


I’ve been inactive for a bit now on the game. I tried the 22 tech test and it wasn’t doing it for me. A few months away from the game is great to rev up and get ready for 22. The full version. It was a good cycle this year. I played up until the holidays. After that content dried up and I had practically all the cards I wanted.

But take the next few months off and maybe we will match up in a late night drunk match up.