A new head scratcher


Anyone ever see this before?

BR game. Tied 0-0 heading into the 3rd. I hit a leadoff triple with TN Badoo. Pinch hitter hits a routine fly ball to right. Badoo just takes off without me pressing a button and I can’t send him back. It immediately jumps to the next batter. Badoo is nowhere to be found, no run scored, but only the out for the flyout recorded. It’s like Badoo never existed.

I won the game, but out of all the weird stuff I’ve seen in this game that definitely ranks near the top. I looked in the game log and it shows the triple and the flyout, but no explanation of what happened to the runner.


I thought I had experienced everything the Show has to offer but that is one that has most definitely not happened to me yet. I would love to know what was going through your opponents head at the time. The closest I have come to something like this happening was in the Show 20 a guy led off the game with a routine flyboy to center field that I caught not even close to the warning track and all of a sudden the homerun animation starts and to make matters worse they gave him 3 runs for it.