This Game NEEDS fixes


I try not to hate on MLB The Show and SDS, because they’ve made very enjoyable baseball games in the past. However, this year has been a mess to say the least.

Let’s start with pitching; my Greg Maddux with 90+ control can barely hit his spots, constantly hanging pitches down the middle and giving up home runs. Whatever they changed this year for pitching needs to be reverted. A lot of other people are having control issues. I get it, pitchers in real life don’t always hit their spots, but I shouldn’t be throwing it down the middle of the plate when i mean to throw it low and away.

Although claiming to be improved, fielding is by far worse than last year. I’ve experienced an outrageous number of outfielders and infielders not locking onto balls in the air. Instead, i’m left to run back and forth in hopes that the ball will bounce off of my player to keep it in front. I also still have gold fielders bobbling routine ground balls, as well as catchers who can’t field a bunt. If they’re aiming for realistic gameplay, I shouldn’t be making 2, 3, or even 4 errors every single game.

As far as hitting goes, it’s not that bad, but it certainly needs improvement. I feel like the perfect system and the new pci customization is great additions, but it’s still not the most consistent. I’m still hitting balls in the middle of my pci at 80 mph with good okay. I will also hit a ball that isn’t even in my pci, with 90+ exit velo and good good contact. Lastly, it may just be me but perfect perfect hits seem to punish me more times than not, as i usually hit a hard ground ball for a double play or line out, and the ball sometimes isn’t hit as hard as a regular good contact.

Through the first week, this is my experience. So far, it’s a step down from last year’s game. Content so far has been pretty good for diamond dynasty, something that SDS usually does well. Hopefully SDS continues to listen to the community and fix some of these issues.


As much as there are issues with exit velocity and consistencies with results on PCI placements, I honestly think the fielding, 1, and assisted baserunning, 2, are the biggest issues right now.


They didn't change pitching. It's been this messed up since The Show 18. It just was never noticed as much before because hitting was equally as bad. But I agree with you regardless. I've had countless perfect releases with analog pitching go nowhere near where I located them. This is true even for pitchers with high BB/9 ratings. Sadly I don't think SDS will do anything about pitching. When pitching was all that anyone complained about the first week, they went ahead and changed hitting instead.

Fielding has been iffy for me. Definitely too many routine errors, but I do like the added "perfect" meter for outfield throws. Hopefully they fix the bugs where outfielders don't lock on and I don't think fielding will be that bad.

Hitting. Oh man, hitting is bad right now. Almost as bad as last year. Wayyy too many well placed PCIs resulting in "okay" contact results. Joey Gallo flying out to the warning track on a perfect/perfect fly ball. The timing window is all types of screwed up. Fortunately, all they have to do is revert this most recent patch (hitting only, not the fielding part), and everyone will be happy.