Does anyone have a link to something that shows all the hidden packs in the Conquest Maps for all the TAs that have them? (I think just 1, 2, and 4 so far).

With RIB out and the fact that I still have yet to do the FOD and Shark Map Conquests, I'm wondering if it's worth doing the maps for at least TA 1 & 2?

I think I can do the Moments, Exchanges, and Maps for Stage 4 to get a decent amount of Diamonds which I can use towards the RIB, FOD, and Shark maps.

Doing those should get me enough stats to finish the other three stages and not have to worry about those maps.

But I want to make sure I'm not leaving any type of good packs 'on the table'.

I'm thinking if they're just HL, Kitchen Sink, Space, and base The Show packs; anything I get from them won't equal what I could get from the RIB, FOD, and Shark maps.

Heck, looking at the TA maps, it seems that for as long as it would take me to complete them; I could probably have 2-3 RIB maps done.