looking for some assistance in improving peer to peer connections. I feel like most of my complaints about this gameplay can be attributed to how laggy the game is.

this morning for instance, my first online game felt crisp, there was no weird timing window events at the plate (early on fastball late on offspeed). Game felt great.

next game there's definitely a connection issue. Ball kinda disappears right when it gets to the plate, timing windows feel off, game kinda pauses after every hit, the score, hitting feedback, and pitches all stutter as they're coming into view. Game just feels awful.

anything on my end that I could look for that might be causing?
I'm hard wired. Internet speed is 250 Mbps. Xbox is set to highest priority on router QoS. Anything else that might help?

maybe there's nothing I could do, I wish there was a way to see what kind of ping you had against your opponents.

thanks in advance.