Roll of the dice?


I understand not every " good user input " can be rewarded because good contact in "real" baseball does not always account for a hit. The only thing is this is not real baseball it's a head to head video game against one opponent.

Doctor: do you exercise?

You: yes I play 2 hrs of baseball every day on playstation

Doctor: that's not baseball...that's a video game.

This is not real baseball. This is a video game setup in a controlled environment where every aspect is determined by a " judge "

Perfect perfect on a fastball down the middle with high power guy. Warning track. What determined that? You have given perfect answer or input to your opponent but due to certain circumstances we cannot reward you.

So so you guys feel like this game just a roll of the dice? Are we playing our opponents or the cards?

I know this doesn't make sense to most so I will simplify it.

What's 2+2 ?

You: 4...that is correct but we cannot accept this answer right now.

Opponent: 2? That is incorrect

Whats 3+5?

You 8 ...that is correct and!!!! We can accept this answer right now. Congrats!

Opponent 19....that is incorrect buuuuuuut.....go ahead and keep the party going. We will accept this answer at this time.

I know that there trying to simulate baseball...but if that means taking people's inputs and scrambling it together to make a realistic outcome....isnt that just a complex manipulative game of " Mother May I ?** "

** for the young " Mother May I " was a game where someone would stand at finish line...and each person would stand at beginning and they would ask if they could advance and the developer person would let them advance due to how they felt at the time essentially determining who won.


I'm so happy football is back on TV.