New Event Rewards


So what are you guys thinking rewards wise for this event? Lineups are made of Future Stars, Prospects, Rookies, and Veterans.

FS Adley may be the Orioles TA4, or Cycle Jonathan Villar (Not many options left for them)

Maybe some of these guys though?

Adley Ruschman
Bobby Witt Jr
Spencer Torkelson
Nate Pearson (gets a diamond at some point, maybe even final flashback round in innings program)
Jonathan India (Here or Finest)

So many from TA last year haven't been in the game yet either. Personally, I'd love that diamond Jazz Chisolm card.

Rookie of the Year Possibilities:
Will Myers (2013)
Houston Street (2005)


@saintleo14_PSN i loved that Jazz card


I don't think we see any repeat FS card as I don't think they have ever repeated a FS card unless it was from a classic pack


As a guess

FS Vidal Bruan
Awards JD Martinez