Got back from a 2-week vacation in Florida and now see a ton of DD content to catch up on!

A massive player program in the Clemente FOD program that has missions, moments, conquest, and showdown.

Another FOD player program with Tim Anderson with moments.

Another two player programs with Ryan Zimmerman and Robin Roberts with missions and moments.

Another two player programs in the monthly evolution cards of Joe Nathan and Justin Turner with missions and moments. Hopefully I can get enough daily moment points to get McCutcheon.

Another 5th Inning program conquest map.

New RS, BR (with new draft layout), and event.

New inning program in less than a week and possibly another TA coming soon as well.

That is a lot to catch up on! That much new content makes it seem like I have been gone for two months, not two weeks! I'll be busy for awhile!