Okay. For the heck of it i played few games. Rookie, veteran and allstar difficulty. All vs Tigers. Rookie and veteran vs Boyd and Allstar vs Turnbull.
All-Star game i won 4-2. No homeruns and 4 Perfect/Perfect hits went towards 2 or 3 base for a putout.
Veteran game i won 7-2. 3 homers. 1 Perfect/Perfect went to putout for center.
Rookie game. I gave up early homer (own faults for leaving a slider hanging) and then i was down until 7th inning. Tied thanks to a homerun by Acuna. Hit a triple with Albies in 8th and Frazier finished with a outfield hit. Won 2-1
So...i dont know what they did but as a zone hitter i feel like i dont get enough umph behind my swings.
As a offline player i wish to have easy quick games on lower difficulty and challenging ones on harder ones.

So, not complaining, just sharing my experience.