Depleting energy for BP arms.


I don't like that your BP loses energy. I've played a total of 2 Event games, that went to extra innings and now my WHOLE BP is in the red.

So I can either forfeit my 2-0 run and select new arms or hope that my relievers can play with low energy.

On a side note; how long does it take for a player to replenish all his energy?

And why does it seem like that once you throw 1-2 pitches (SP or RP) their energy automatically drop a to the next color?


I feel you man. I really wish SDS gave us a clear view on how energy works and how long it takes to fully replenish a pitcher.


Even worse, I think it’s ridiculous if I play an event game, then go play a ranked game, my entire starting rotation is at 75% energy even if they never even threw a single pitch in the event. Ridiculous