Separate players who use different settings


Don't want draw any pity but I have a disability that prevents me from using zone hitting. I've tried and it just can't work at all. I still enjoy this game online though and when I'm up against another non zone player the games are always close and exciting. But when I play zone players I have no chance and I usually just quit as soon as I realize they're using zone because I know I'm going to lose. This isn't directing any hate at zone players at all. i have massive respect for them for mastering a mechanic that no doubt takes a lot of skill and practice. I see both sides tend to hate playing against each other. Zone players don't like playing against users who play with what they see as an inferior setting that takes less skill. And non zone players dislike playing against someone who they have a massive disadvantage against.

So basically it seems to make sense to create different pools for zone vs non zone players. Have people choose their desired mode before queueing for a match and have it locked and be unable to change in-game.


I wouldn't mind being matched against same setting players, but you can certainly win games with directional hitting against zone players. I don't play a lot of games online but I mostly use directional and I'm 11-2 in RS. You want to prioritize contact and vision for your players and you need to be patient and take lots of pitches, don't be afraid to strike out looking. Sit on fastballs middle and upper third and ignore everything else unless there's a hanger.

I certainly agree that a skilled zone player will have an advantage, but there are very, very few people who have "mastered" it. Just look at these forums. There's 10 posts a day about pitch speeds being too fast and it being impossible to hit. Hell there's even tons of posts from people who can't even do the moments on rookie and veteran.

So my advice is don't sweat it. Don't start feeling like you've lost when you see someone is using zone. Unless you're playing on world series there's a very good chance your opponent isn't going to be anything great. Just use the right players, focus on your approach, and try to not get frustrated.