Contact swing still OP


Just would like to inform everyone contact swing is still in fact broken…
I Just played a game and my opponent (xbox of course) contact swung every single pitch of the entire game. Before the “you just suck” comments come I was 860 and he was 840 or something.

I was wondering if he’s doing a contact swing to WS challenge or something because he was addicted to it. I’m not even salty about losing I got screwed with squared up line outs, balls dying on the track, bloop hits etc. and saw it coming but every swing this mans pci was bigger than a normal swing and it resulted in contact swing type hits. Eg. Adam Frazier has a small pci on a regular swing but it took up a good portion of the zone in the feedback every time he swung.

Hits were even but Marlins park has no elevation so I guess that’s where I went wrong

GG to that guy and long live contact swingers


Not sure how it is still “broken” from what you just stated. If “broken” you mean you faced someone who used contact swing the whole game then I guess…