What would you change?


I have 61k stubs and my bronze 40 pick still. I’m gonna post my lineup and you tell me what you would change. I’m looking for ideas, maybe I’m missing something and you can put me onto someone else.

Diamonds. Marte LF, Mays Cf, Mantle (86) Rf
Ed Matthews (92) 3B,
Golds Tatis SS, Moustakas 2B, Big Frank 1B
Silver Biggio at catcher.

I was thinking of taking Gary Sanchez for the bronze 40 pick, buying lindor to play 2B, and grinding for the affinity tater card to replace his gold I currently have. Open to all opinions.

On my way to work so I’ve got 8 hours to figure this out. I’m fine with spending all the stubs, I’ll get more thru playing. The games only been a week and I did the standard pre order so I don’t think I’m doing too bad on stubs considering I didn’t buy any either.

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it


1B an C are the weak spots I'd say. If you can hit with Sanchez he's definitely a good option. But I chose Pudge because he's a bit more consistent and is a better defender. If you put Lindor at second you could use another lefty. Helton is pretty good, and if you buy him off the market now you can start prestiging him (I bought Oswalt for the same reason).