Do people view pulse pitching with the same disdain as many have for directional hitting? I just cannot yet get the hang of analog pitching, so mostly use pulse. I am improving, but I just can't help but pull left on the way up.
Are all these complaints about pitching solely about Analog? Or is there a of meter and pulse users too?
[as with every one of my posts, I clarify that I am fairly new to The Show]


I guess I just made meter sound as easy as pulse. I didn't mean that, it ain't. I'm just as bad at meter as I am at analog.


I view my former self with disdain as I used pulse pitching right up until about two weeks ago when I actually tried meter for the first time. I seriously can't believe I stuck with pulse pitching for 12 years. It didn't occur to me to try meter.

Pitching now for me (with meter) is a whole other level of fun, I actually have to pay attention to every single pitch. And boy, do I make some bad pitches! I'm loving it! Each strikeout feels more earned.

Nothing against those who choose pulse though. Each to their own. Heck, I got 9 straight Ks with Matt Harvey on HoF in my Mets Franchise using pulse.

Caveat: I'm an offline player, so winning isn't important to me, I'm all about the challenge.

EDIT: apologies, didn't realise this was a DD forum thread.


I have been using analog for years, always feels most rewarding, plus button bashing on meter hurts my thumbs after awhile. Its also why I used analog stride for hitting, but too much RNG. So I do hit using Zone buttons.

I've tried pulse back on 12 I think, felt a lot harder to get best possible pitch.