What is the benefit of switch hitters/lefties?


Stupid question I am sure but with clearly defined stats what is the benefit? Meaning if I have player 1 who has 100 contact/power against rights and lefts but is a right handed batter what is the benefit of using a switch hitter or left handed hitter that has the same stats? I guess I understand real world application as players can be better at hitting against a left or righty depending on which way they bat, however in this game with so many options at each position with barely noticable differences in stats why are so many people worried about having switch hitters or lefties on their lineup, again I am sure this is a dumb question.


It is usually easier to read and react to breaking pitches when hitting from the opposite side. With so many RHPs you will see them more than LHPs so lefty hitters can be useful. Switch hitters are great because they always go to the opposite batter's box of the pitchers throwing arm for this reason. It's harder to jam high/inside fastballs when they come across the plate!

It is usually best practice to have batters from both sides and to spread them throughout the lineup card. For instance, it would not be optimum to have three lefty hitters batting consecutively because the opponent could bring in a LHP to face those batters.

The only dumb question is the unasked question! You are looking to get better and there are some on this forum that is willing to help you out!