This game is so FUBARed right now I can't even stay interested for more than a couple of innings, whether I'm winning or losing. The clear problem (IMO) is that anytime a pitcher allows just a hit or two he completely loses his ability to hit his spots. It's like his confidence immediately goes to zero no matter what the graphs show.

I noticed the more I aimed, the worse it was, even with a perfect release (meter pitching, in my case). So I got an idea and tried not aiming, just leaving the target right in the middle of the plate every time. I figured if he was gonna miss randomly anyway, I might as well just forget moving the target.

Damned if that doesn't seem to improve results.

It's like once you give up a hit or two, even with perfect releases, the game makes you wild, then gives a big edge to the hitters and penalizes you extra for missing your spot. But when you don't move the target to aim, it doesn't recognize you've missed your spot since you didn't aim. The pitches still go everywhere, but there aren't automatic hits.

I go back to aiming, and even "jammed/late" results end up being line drives to the gap when the pitcher's lost it.

Anybody else ever try just leaving the target alone? Is there something to this or am I imagining things?