Titian Baseball League Season


Titian Baseball League is looking for more users in its 30 man custom league. Xbox League only for this season.

All players will be in a random draft for team selection. After the draft the worst teams will be able to pick up a player, 1 per team, from any CPU team via trade. This free agent draft is determined by the ranking of each team in game.

The Game settings are set to the following
Innings - 9
Hitting Difficulty - All-Star
Pitching Difficulty - All-Star
Guess Pitch - Off
Quick Counts - Off
Strike Zone - On
Hot Zones - Off
Balks - Off
Umpire Accuracy - Personalized
Umpire Close Plays - On
Ejections - On
Injuries - On
Presentation Mode - Fast Play
DH - On

If interested people join our discord at:

We are a very active group with lots of users.


Live Rosters, 3 total trades in the season, 5 games per week