I recently got the AL Central Live Series Collection award: The 90 overall Walter Johnson.

After giving up 15 runs in a about five innings of pitching with him (in three seperate ranked season games), I think I could consider this the worst legend/card I have ever used.

Constantly, I am dealing with both of his fastballs missing their spot by a foot or more, either leaking straight down the middle or going into the opposite batters box.

But don't you worry, the offspeed is even worse. Throw is just below the strike zone and it will hang straight down the middle, gave up three homeruns off that. The change-up just never hits its spot either.

And I understand that 72 control and 67 H/9 isn't the hottest, but for an expensive collection, this card is the worst thing I have ever seen, you might as well have given me a crossed eyed Celine Dion to go up there and throw pitches. I also have used LS Shane Bieber (74 control and 67 H/9, a near equivalent) and have nearly dominated with him, so I am not understanding why I am being wrecked with Johnson.

I think this comes to show how horrible the pitching interface is this year. I can't get a call, hitters rake, and I am literally screaming at the TV every time I play.