Missing Audio Names


As an Xbox player, I was excited for the game to come out, for obvious reasons. Before it released, I had my RttS character all figured out, in regards to their name and number and everything. One of those aspects was I wanted to use a variant of my own name, that I've been wanting to try out some, so that I could hear it regularly regarding "me." I also figured, unlike my last name, this name would 100% be recognized by the game, as there are a few ballplayers that have it as well.

Lo and behold though, "Jace" is not a recognized audio option for names. "Okay, I guess it's not in the game. Weird, but okay." Then while playing RttS, I encounter one of those ballplayers with the name on an opposing team, and sure enough, both the announcers and the PA had no problems with it, as both have the name there. Why?! Why is it not an option, while other names have multiple variants (that I still can't hear a difference between some of them)?

Anyone else have a name like that, which for some unknown reason isn't an option, but is in the game, and should be available? Do the devs look at these boards, and might see this and get it (and others) added? Is there any way to get it added at all?


Peter or Peters is not an option at least for a last name.