Next Year Ideas


Fantastic start to what SDS is trying to do, just a couple of things that I believe that the show community and SDS could get behind

  1. obvious issue of no night games along with lighting of signs, rooms etc…
  2. create “fan” interaction experiences…. Meaning the ball park looks dead besides the fans in their seats, need to add more action fans the could vary from a single person, to a couple, to a group, with actions such as walking, lounging, sitting, ordering food, sitting and eating so on and so fourth.
  3. More customization of “created teams” logo… meaning templates to paste your teams logo around the stadium in the dugouts, wherever to show that the “Somerset Patriots” play in this created stadium
  4. Thee Water! Any ball that hits water in created stadium comes in the form of a solid and bounces off water like nothing I’ve ever seen before, ideally the props that include “water” has to have the same outcome as hitting a ball into Mcovey Cove in the game
  5. I’ve seen that minor league stadiums have props that are actually illuminated and moving, an example is the pier, it’s great but a Ferris wheel in the scenery of your outfield that doesn’t move the entire game looks eerie
  6. again this could be factored into “people emotes” but could we possibly add workers to these concessions that actually seem like their up and operating to give players that actually stadium experience

Again this is a great start and look forward to expanding on this in the future but like I said SDS give me a heads up will get in contact for more ideas and I got you.


Other ideas and improvements. I do overall think it's a good start.

  1. Vault - Only use the last stadium name from a user. Way too many duplicates of the same stadiums. No good way to search and/find good user created stadiums with weeding thru 80% junk. Also, a user should be able to have a private achieve that doesn't automatically post online.

  2. Camera needs a lot of work. Times it just takes off to a completely different area and it takes a few minutes to figure out where you are and get the camera back to a view that is usable. Also, need to be able to lock to a specific spot so you can align items. It drifts when moving things so impossible to center.

  3. The alignment tool needs work. It rarely places items correctly. 90 pct of time the item is hovering, goes below the ground or is placed in an area that is not allowed. It also needs to stop the slanting for sections that are straight.

  4. Preview stadium option - Let me test thing while building. Just pitching and batting practice. Something so we can see what you like and don't like. I have a few that I have to go back and rip apart because things in the beginning don't look or work right. Unfortunately, this requires removing all the little details that takes the longest to do.

  5. Resizing items... some things you want to use but are too big or small.

  6. Contests - periodically do a user created contest. Prizes could be packs or coins..
    Have an area for the winners and allow them to be used as a home field for dd team.

  7. Agree with night games, more stadium interactions, sounds, homerun celebration and working scores, balls and strikes and stat cast stats (distance, hit mph and milestones)


I wanted to replicate the cookie cutters of the 70s, 80s, and 90s...but the restrictions in place forced me to stop trying. So here's what I would love to see.

Tarped bleachers for the batters eye or a raised bleacher style system like the Vet, Riverfront, etc etc had that basically ran from foul pole to foul pole. So I can make the actual bowl configuration of a cookie cutter.

Ability to move the bullpens.
This is in line with above. The Phillies had thier bullpen in right field. In the gap between the wall and outfield seats. Like I'm sure other stadiums had too.

Ability to move the dugouts.
I don't know if this is locked for a reason, but it would be great to move the dugouts in or out, or up and down as far adepth goes. All foul territory is the same. It would be nice to twerk that a bit. Some parks the dugouts run on slight angle compared to the foul lines. In this game, they are all locked parallel to the line.

I mean...why not? The Metrodome has astroturf. Why can't I get that option with my stadium? I love baseball, but I grew up during the era of the fake stuff. The only option is grass. I understand why. The nostalgia. But come on SDS. Lol Throw us 80s/90s kids a bone!!

I'm not a fan of Dimes...but I'm a fan of creating and downloading classic rosters and having dream seasons. It would be awesome to have the Astros play in the Astrodome and Mariners in the Kingdome.

And finally...the ability to change the height of a wall or field distance a few feet back, in, up or down and not have the stadium deemed invalid.
I understand the reasoning so people don't have 100 foot walls or distances in thier parks, but 5 feet either way shouldn't make the stadium invalvid.

I'm hoping this year's version isnt all we get. I hope going forward it's made better.


Opps..forgot one last thing. The ability to change the shape of the backstop. This is in line with my dugout wish. Everything runs in a jewelbox style. Give us the option to round it out more.


Just to add to emotions, some guys in the league play harder than others. It be cool to see these emotions expressed via players. Like sprinting or jogging, or give it 100% or 80% (instead of everyone giving 85%..)


I'd like to see more sponsor logos too like we have stadiums with Citgo like Fenway or Delta for Yankee Stadium also the Coca Cola Bottle for San Francisco, I'd even like there to be ways we can edit the stadiums slightly with actual logos & Sponsors, and if anything with an adult product or alcohol sponsor not allow it to be shared, it's only used for own profile purpose. Like I would only put the alcohol sponsors for my own stadiums not to be distributed


also the ability for Coaches to dispute with the Umps over calls & potential ejections of Coaches. That was something that has been missing since EA Did MVP Baseball 2005. Maybe even have someone like Tom Hallion there to help diffuse hot situations. Even depending on the potential of a situation maybe even some bench clearing.


I would like to have distances displayed on HR fences.

I agree with fans interacting. Shiw them in the the restaurants, picnic tables, fan towers pools and so on...

I agree with the ball interacting with props better. They should SPLASH in water...

Night games of course

Dome template

Old-school Astro turf.

Bullpens OFF the field.

Multigrab and an UNDO feature.

And last: I would LOVE at least a LITTLE over hang. Places.loke Old Toger standium, Citi Field and Target Stadium all have seats overhanging the HR Fence. I think it would be SUPER fun to have some seats hanging over the field.


Rainy and windy weather with moving flags in the wind.