Decided to try the AL West Shlowdown one more time. (After taking a few hours off)

Got to the Hendricks Mini Boss Mission.

This time I had 4 lefties, 3 righties, amd a switch hitter.

Start off with LS Gallo blasting a one run shot.

Then I go 8 outs without another hit. 4 outs left down 3-1.

LS Castro hits a homerun to make it 3-2 still 4 outs left. Next three batters ground out. Now I'm looking at another bkiqn game.

However, I get runners on 1st and 2nd and LS Haniger comes up to bat. I taje it to a 3-2 count and the next pitch is a hanging curve that I blast for a 3 run shot.

Bitched about righties hitters earlier and that's who won it for me.

*insert foot in mouth