Playing the Nats in Conquest


And Kyle Schwarber is at catcher. Surely this means his POTM card will have a C secondary


No. It’s just horrible rosters by SDS. I played the Twins to finish the flag map and they had Kepler at 1B (who’s played 3 career games at 1B and none since 2018) with an outfield of Jake Cave, Buxton and Nelson Cruz. No Sano, No Kirilloff (who’s been playing some 1B), no Larnach and Arraez at 2B instead of Polanco.

It’s honestly one of my bigger beefs about playing offline is the horrible rosters/lineups/rotations and bullpen usage. One reason it sticks in my craw so bad is it is so simple to fix.

As for Schwarber, I suppose they could give him C, but I doubt it since he hasn’t played their in quite a while. He sure hasn’t played their this month, but maybe they go with the same secondaries as their live series.