Hi all. Our sim gaming community has rolled out sign-ups for Season 1. We are building a community of gamers who (1) enjoy a realistic gaming experience, called simulation (or sim) gaming, (2) remain active and don't just hop from league to league, and (3) are interested in being a part of something bigger and more structured than just those random, chaotic online leagues with extremely high turnover that seemingly never finish.

While we have opened sign-ups for both 40-Man Roster leagues and Diamond Dynasty leagues, if you have an existing league of gamers who fit the mold that might be interested in joining our community, we would love to host your league and grow both together.

40-Man Roster League, Season 1:

20 Team League
3-Game Series (vs. same opponent) Every 5 Days
8 Teams Make Playoffs
9 Inning Games
5-Man Rotation

All Star Pitching
All Star Batting
PCI Preferred But Not Required (just impossible to enforce, unfortunately)
Guess Pitch OFF
Quick Counts OFF
Balks OFF
Ump Accuracy PERFECT
Ump Close Plays OFF

Again, this for active gamers who enjoy playing realistic baseball. Please DM if you are interested and I can send you the link. Quitters and poor sports need not apply.

We also have an app that you can use to access the Forum, if you prefer using apps; it also has a group chat function which is another way we communicate. Once you've joined, we can send you the invite code for that. Let me know if you have any questions.