Not to sound like a homer but this dude so far has been the best FA of the off season. It’s a shame our BP can’t be average, with the line up we have (which is one of the best in both leagues IMO) this team could of been sneaky come the playoffs. I know there is half the season to go, and I hope we can add some pieces to make a wild card push. But I feel this signing has Braves-Donaldson all over it and it will be wasted. He bet on himself and will be one and done with us. Looking back, I would of rather gave him Springer money and just sign Georgie to a one year deal with the log jam in our OF. One could of hoped, fingers crossed we at least lock up Bo and Vladdy like the Braves did with their stars.

Ps…this isn’t Kevin’s burner account, though I do love my Jays and Arby’s!