Player Exchanges... where?


Hello! Can someone give me an overview of where I should be focusing on player exchanges? I've realized that they can only be exchanged (or locked in) once... I think.

My understanding... players are exchanged

  1. as rival players in Team Affinity
  2. for a team collection
  3. towards your created player, by position

Is that it? I hate locking players in anywhere now, worried I'm taking them away from an actual collection elsewhere I should be working on.


There are also exchanges in most player programs, however (up till now) they have not been required to complete the program so I wouldn't worry about those. You can also exchange commons to bronze, bronze to silver etc. in the exchange tab, something that I do a lot with (mostly worthless) free agents. Whenever I get new cards, I either sell them (if they are good value on the market) or keep them for the team collection. Duplicates are either sold or kept for the team affinity exchanges.