Developers: As long as we're at it ... stance socks? Et tu, Brute?



Continuing with the theme of your inattention to verisimilitude, is there some logic you all perceive in requiring that the stat-bonus socks permanently change the look of my uniform?

That is, when one wears stance socks that confer a bonus to speed and stealing, those socks now become part of my default uniform (and that of every other player on my team).

As I mentioned in my earlier thread on the horrid verisimilitude-destroying nature of not giving players the ability to disable the ridiculous dynamic challenges, requiring that my preferred uniform look (in my case, low stirrups) be overridden by my choice of bonus-conferring socks is a godawful destruction of verisimilitude.

But it's even worse than that. Again, you all have spent millions of dollars on developing the game's verisimilitude: From buying logo rights from MLB, to fake in-game announcers (who are terrible and I always mute, but I'm not dinging you for that here), to bringing in all those MLB Network announcers (who don't work for free) to do all those fake between-game promos on the player's player (and Ben Gellman sucks, by the way -- though (a) apparently he is a real sports podcaster, which shocks me because he sucks so hard, and (b) yes, I noticed you made him a minor-league ballplayer, which is idiotic because he's terrible, but it's your game), and all the rest.

Why would you spend all that money just to commit so many unforced errors (that's a tennis analogy, for those of you playing the home version of our game) on verisimilitude? It's honestly schizophrenic. Are you really not able to see that?

Dynamic challenges are antithetical to verisimilitude. So is forcing a player to adopt a certain unrealistic look to get a stat bonus (in case you didn't know, while MLB teams do in fact wear special socks from time to time, they do in not fact wear them all the time).

Of course, you already know all of this because, while I as an Xbox player might be new to your game, Playstation players have been playing it for years and you have already heard all of this. So clearly you just don't care. That's fine, of course. I'm just one person, and why should you care what I think about anything anyway?

On the other hand, I (one player though I may be), do not in fact have to actually buy MLB the Show 22...


You can go back into your appearance afterwards, change your uniform settings to your sock preference and save. However, it's only good until the next time you go into the loadout screen and it barfs all your equipment back on.

I'm using a Rogers Hornsby model, and it's stupid to have to continually alter his appearence they way I want it. My Ballplayer clearly didn't make it out of beta mode before they had to release the game.

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